Mailing Lists

SecureNym uses the following criteria for identifying mailing lists.

  • 1. More than 50 recipients of the same message.
  • 2. More than one instance of a mass mailing in a seven day period.
  • 3. Large numbers of bounces, usually to the same addresses each mailing.
  • 4. ANY complaints from an ISP or several complaints from recipients.
  • 5. Bounce messages stating that the intended recipient has blocked mail from this sender.

If you operate a mailing list from your SecureNym account, you risk termination of your account.

We don't care why you run a list, or what purpose it serves. Mailing lists are resource intensive and should be run from a specialized list server. There are many such services available.

In some cases, SecureNym has overlooked users who operated mailing lists. This does not mean that we condone this activity, that we will continue to do so, or that we have made an exception to our policies.

Mailing lists have always been prohibited at SecureNym, and this has been clearly stated on our FAQ page ( It is also covered in the SecureNym Terms of Service, which some earlier subscribers might not have read.

If you run a mailing list from your SecureNym account, please take appropriate steps to discontinue this practice.