SecureNym users can now choose between PGP and S/mime for server-side encryption of their incoming messages.

CAUTION: S/mime will NOT work with SecureNym webmail. If you use webmail, do NOT attempt to enable server-side S/mime encryption for your account, as you will NOT be able to decrypt your messages.

S/mime is natively supported in both Microsoft and Netscape mail clients, and requires only that the user obtain a personal certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority. S/mime is NOT supported by many third-party mail clients, including Eudora.

Personal certificates are available free of charge from Thawte, or for a nominal fee from Verisign. The procedure is fairly simple in either case, and the certificate is automatically installed in Netscape, and user installed in Internet Explorer/Outlook.

Please note that your personal certificate, like a PGP key, MUST match your SecureNym account. (ie myaccount@securenym.net)

IE/Outlook installation instructions are available from Microsoft. You will need to scroll halfway down the linked page, to the section titled 'Using Digital Certificates'.

S/mime certificates allow users to communicate with others with whom they have exchanged keys, as well as encrypt messages from all senders at the SecureNym servers.

After you have received and installed your personal certificate, you can upload your public key to SecureNym, if you wish to have all your incoming message encrypted at the mail servers.

You MUST have a SecureNym account, and you MUST first logon at http://www.securenym.net before going to the next step.

You can now select 'S/mime enable' from the left menu and your certificate will be uploaded automatically. Just follow the on-screen prompts to install and enable your S/mime certificate. You MUST click 'Enable' when your certificate has been uploaded and displayed.

Alternatively, once you have logged on, in the 'Address' or 'Location' field at the top of your browser enter https://www.securenym.net/secure/cert/cert.php

TIP: When you first log in, this window will say https://www.securenym.net/secure/index.php

Just follow the on-screen prompts to install and enable your S/mime certificate.

To send your public key to any other S/mime user, just send a message to his address and digitally sign it with your personal certificate. This will allow him to add your public key to his certificate manager, and send you end-to-end encrypted messages that only you can decrypt.

If you have further questions, or any problems, please contact: SecureNym