Secure File Transfers

SecureNym has added a file transfer feature, available to all subscribers. This provides a means of allowing one or more users to retrieve files without using e-mail attachments.

  • File transfers are done from any browser, and provide SSL encryption for both uploading and downloading.
  • A private key is created for each file uploaded. This key must be shared with another person before they can download the file.
  • Users may specify a password, in addition to the key that is created, for added security.
  • The person uploading the file can specify the life (in hours) of the file and the number of downloads.
  • A five (5) megabyte file size limit will allow large files to be uploaded.
  • Downloads are NOT limited to SecureNym users. You simply supply the file key to the recipient, which allows him to access the file.

Full details and instruction on use are available from the FAQ's within the main SecureNym site.