The Company

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SecureNym was founded with the purpose of providing a secure email service to the internet community.

SecureNym is a closely held offshore corporation, with multi-national ownership and no ties to any government, U.S. or otherwise. SecureNym's goal is to help users increase their level of privacy while retaining ease of use and reliability.

Toward this end, a great deal of research and resources have been invested. SecureNym is stable and reliable, and as secure and anonymous as possible. Constant updating and addition of new features are intended to keep SecureNym E-mail both secure and simple to use.

The Service

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SecureNym provides outsourced mail services to the business community, as well as individual user accounts.

Business users with their own domain name may choose to use SecureNym to handle their mail needs transparently to the public. This involves no changes in the addressing structure currently being used.

Individual users MUST use a SecureNym domain address.

The web interface makes sending and receiving mail much like using Hotmail with SSL security. Or, users may elect to receive messages using an existing mail client. In either case, extensive FAQs will assist users in all aspects of their setup. E-Mail support is also available. Even novices should have no difficulty using SecureNym.

To insure reliability and speed, SecureNym e-mail utilizes Sun servers and firewalls. Our connection to the internet backbone is via multiple redundant OC-12 lines, with full battery backup and on-site emergency power.

SecureNym's web interface provides encryption from the keyboard to the servers , using SSLeay encryption. Messages to subscribers can be instantly PGP or S/mime encrypted upon arrival at SecureNym. Once encrypted, your messages can be decrypted only by you. SecureNym does not have your key, to insure complete privacy.

While SecureNym offers mail forwarding, it should be pointed out that this compromises anonymity. Forwarding relies upon an outside mail box. To forward messages, we must maintain a record of your "true e-mail address. Under certain, very specific circumstances, under court order, we could be forced to reveal that information and this could be used to trace you through that mailbox.

If you are concerned with anonymity, both the Basic and Bonus accounts furnish this, even without PGP or S/mime encryption.

Other than if you choose to use forwarding, SecureNym has no desire to know anything about you, nor should you wish us to. Using a money order payment insures that we will have no records matching your payment to any account you create. Your email account is thus anonymous, even to SecureNym.

SecureNym does not log IP's or user activity. This assures your privacy.

Online assistance is available for the configuration of your account, including setting up your mail client (Thunderbird, Mac's, Outlook, Live Mail, and others).

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If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at: SecureNym

If you are a SecureNym user experiencing problems, you MUST provide an alternative email address when you contact us.