Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are our business; our ONLY business. We use the latest Sun servers, hardware, and software. All equipment is owned, operated, and in the full control of SecureNym.

Our privacy policy is VERY simple. We log nothing, other than simple server stats which allow us to know how much traffic we have. There are no user logs, access logs, and no message backups. When a user subscribes to our service, he is given a computer generated key which allows him to log in at any time and create his account.

It is our stated policy to provide NO information about any user. The reality is that we cannot, as we have no information to provide to any party, including those who may have a court order or other legal instrument.

In the unlikely event that our U.S. based gateway servers are seized, and the user is using PGP or S/mime, any messages on the servers would be unreadable. We are NOT a trusted third party. We NEVER have a copy of anyone's private key. All messages residing on the server are fully encrypted with YOUR key, not ours and all connections to SecureNym are SSL encrypted.

We do NOT operate a free service. We do NOT harvest mail addresses from users. We do NOT sell mailing lists. We do NOT sell or allow any banner advertising. We do NOT tolerate spam in any form.

We DO provide a secure, anonymous mail service.


Acceptable Use Policy

SecureNym is to be used to electronically transmit messages, the content of which are unknown by SecureNym. The party originating any message bears full responsibility for it's content, and SecureNym shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever. SecureNym is strictly a carrier of messages.

SecureNym retains the right to cancel any account, without notice, for substantiated reports of abuse or serious illegal activity.

SecureNym is NOT to be used for any type of mass mailing.

SecureNym will not tolerate spam. Our servers preclude generation of spam from a subscriber account, and our filters are set to block spam from outside servers. We will actively seek to define and eliminate any spam that arrives at our servers. To report abuse, send email to SecureNym.